Incentives in Security Protocols

Smart Contracts and Bribes (with Patrick McCorry)

EPFL blockchain summer school (with Mustafa Al-Bassam, Sarah Azouvi and Patrick McCorry)


MSc project co-supervision with Steven Murdoch:

Privacy preserving continuous authentication (2017-2018)

Teaching assistant:

COMP210P - Introduction to Programming (2016-2017 Term 2)



IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2019 sub-reviewer

Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2018 sub-reviewer


I usually attend London CryptoParty events. Here are some slides and handouts from a past workshop on safe browsing and Tor for beginners, done with Sarah Azouvi.



VAMS: Verifiable Auditing of Access to Confidential Data Alexander Hicks, Vasilis Mavroudis, Mustafa Al-Bassam, Sarah Meiklejohn, Steven J. Murdoch Under submission

Incentives in Security Protocols Sarah Azouvi, Alexander Hicks, Steven J. Murdoch Twenty-sixth International Workshop on Security Protocols

Smart Contracts for Bribing Miners Patrick McCorry, Alexander Hicks, Sarah Meiklejohn The 5th Workshop on Bitcoin and Blockchain Research (slides)